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Just Now

Where *is* the beef?

me, speaking, photobooth

If only.



April 3rd, 2009

Egg Scramble Haul 2009

me, speaking, photobooth
Here's the take from 2009's Bloomington Egg Scramble. As with last year's post, they are ranked in increasing order of awesomeitude:

a crapton of candy,
(5) free Small Shakes from Rally's,
(1) $5 gift certificate from the Scholar's Inn Bakehouse,
(1) free combo meal from Bloomington Sandwich Co,
(1) free game of bowling (Sunday - Thursday) at Classic Lanes,
(3) free games of bowling at Suburban Lanes,
(2) $5 Mad Mushroom Pizza gift certificates,
(6) Bloomington Bagel Co. bagel tokens,
(1) burritos for four at Chipotle,
(1) $20 gift certificate to Malibu Grill,
(1) $10 gift certificate to Butler Winery,
(1) One free month at the Iron Pit Gym,

and for the first time ever, we won one of the golden egg prizes:
(1) $300 gift certificate for free tires at Hoosier Tire & Retread.

Again, totes worth $16.

June 24th, 2008

Tori! Tory! Tori!

me, speaking, photobooth
Fact: Tory Foster from Battlestar Galactica is actually Tori Scott from Saved by the Bell, millions of years in the future.

Exhibit A: Tory was brought on to replace a more popular character when contract negotiations went south, just like Tori.

Exhibit B: Everyone got real buddy-buddy with as though Tory had always been around even when she clearly had not, and for the span of about two episodes had to pretend like they were close friends even though we'd never seen her before ever, just like Tori.

Exhibit C: Tory doesn't really get any character development besides doing it with one of the established characters, just like Tori.

Things to look for in the second half of the fourth season of BSG:
1. Tory reveals a fear of earthquakes, just like Tori.
2. Tory will teach us all a valuable lesson about piloting vehicles while drunk, just like Tori.
3. Tory will not be invited to Adama and Roslin's wedding even though THEY ARE SUCH GOOD FRIENDS.
4. In the final episode of the season, Tori will be killed by Billy, who it turns out is the final Cylon, just like how Jessie and Kelly brutally murdered Tori in "Graduation."
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April 8th, 2008

Passover Bacon

me, speaking, photobooth

Passover Bacon
Originally uploaded by burnumduplass

March 28th, 2008

1 Arthur Murray Dance gift certificate
1 Free burrito/burrito bowl/salad/taco order from Chipotle
1 Chocolate Moose small ice cream cone
1 Scotty's $5 off $25
1 Free combo @ Cereal Barn
1 Buy one get one 50% off @ Pita Pit
1 Free Supercuts haircut
1 Tire Barn tire rotation
1 Gross chocolate toffee thing
2 Krackels
2 Mr. Goodbars
2 Hershey's (one milk chocolate, one Special Dark)
2 Things of lip balm from Winters Associates
3 Nestlé eggs (2 caramel, 1 Butterfinger)
4 Dubble Bubble
4 BBC Bagel Nickels
6 Games of bowling at Suburban Lanes
11 $1 off Bloomingfoods meals that expire on the 15th of April.

Eggs: 45
Candy: 14
Coupons I will never use: 14

So, not bad. Not great, but it can't be laser tag parties every year.

February 21st, 2008

So, since I've been handing out my resumé a bunch in an attempt to lure women into sleeping with me get an internship, I decided to think like a prospective employer and Google myself. I'd like to have it known that no less than the Old Gray Lady herself has a profile on me.

P.S. Should any prospective employer read this post, it should be mentioned that I have not misspelled any of the curse words I use.

January 31st, 2008

This Week in Comics

comic book guy
So, inspired by Kelly's post last week, I decided to write a little bit about what I picked up at Ye Olde Comicke Booke Shopperie.

In the order I read them:
Y: The Last Man #60:
So, the final issue is more of an epilogue (everyone dies) to the story. I liked that we find out a little backstory on many of the characters, and it finally does feel like a closure to what is, on the whole, one of the better monthlies available. Y began as I started reading comics again, and was one of the first things I read that wasn't Transformers or X-Men (which actually stopped me reading comics the last time), and it's sad to see that it's ending, but at the same time, it really needs to end now. That said, Brian Vaughn really does love him some lesbos.

Jack of Fables #19:
This series is growing on me. They're beginning to explore concepts hinted at by the conceit of Fables. The usual problem I have with stories of this sort (Tom Stoppard, I'm looking at you), is that it's usually a big 'ol, "HEY, YOU GUYS!! I KNOW ABOUT ENGLISH LITERATURE!! SRSLY, YOU GUYS!!" and provides these little knowing winks to anyone who has read a book, ever. Fables and Jack of Fables don't really bother with that. Characters from literature show up, you get their name, and we are simply expected either know who they are, not care who they are, or be inspired to go and look up who they are. This book knows its audience and gets more and more things right each month.

Black Summer #5:
First things: the art in Black Summer is incredible and awful. This book seriously benefits from the lavish, gruesome detail it has received. My opinion on the writing of this book is biased by the fact that I subscribe to Warren Ellis' INCREDIBLY PROLIFIC LJ FEED. He's a great writer (like a less crazy, more funny Alan Moore), but yes, I get it: science is both good and bad. The first issue of Black Summer was phenomenal, and the rest have just been okay.

Project Superpowers #0:
Yes, another "Why do people decide to put on spandex and fight evil?" book. This time by Alex Ross. And an issue 0 to boot. It's okay. The conceit lends itself to an ongoing series well, even if it is a bit Pokémon-ish. It's okay, not great. Probably won't read again.

September 12th, 2007

Stoled from Tavie.

August 2nd, 2007

I am pretty sure Hasbro came out with the Robot Heroes line solely for the purpose of taking pictures of the cuteified version of Ravage.
Pictures of robot pussyCollapse )

July 26th, 2007

The bun is enticing the wiener to jump inside him. Yes.

July 19th, 2007

I tried to play the word "Fece" in an online Scrabble game, hoping against hope it was maybe an actual word.  Turns out it isn't.  Turns out, "Feces" (or "Faeces") is what is known as a plurale tantum.  By the way, the Wikipedia article on feces (and the other article on, specifically, human feces)is entirely too comprehensive.
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